Author and Editor

I am the author and editor of several books about science. I am particularly interested in the public understanding of evolution and genetics, as well as of nature of science. The books I have written have been very well received, and they are considered to be well-written and accessible to a broad audience. I believe that scholars should do society a service by serving as public intellectuals who educate non-experts on topics, and this is a contribution I would very much like to make through my books.

I currently work at the University of Geneva (Section of Biology and IUFE). At the Section of Biology I teach the course « Biologie et Société » to undergraduate students, and at the University Teacher Training Institute (IUFE) I am teaching a science education course to secondary science teachers. For an overview of my publications, see my Google Scholar profile. For some more info about me, listen to this interview.

I am the Editor of the book series Understanding Life, published by Cambridge University Press. The books in the series are intended for a broad audience interested in the life sciences, and their aim is to address widespread misunderstandings about the respective topics.

In the past, I was the Editor-in-Chief of the Springer journal Science & Education, the founding editor of the Springer book series Science: Philosophy, History and Education, and the founding co-editor of the Springer book series Contributions from Biology Education Research. I have also served as Book Review Editor of the research journal Science & Education, Adjunct Instructor at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education of Illinois Institute of Technology and coordinator for science education for grades K-6 as well as member of the Department of Educational Research and Development of Geitonas School, in Greece, where I also taught biology and nature of science to secondary school and IB DP students.

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