I am a researcher at the University of Geneva (Section of Biology and IUFE). At the Section of Biology I am teaching the course « Biologie et Société » to undergraduate students and a biology education seminar to doctoral and post-doctoral students. I am also serving as an academic advisor to the Section for questions related to the teaching and learning of biology. At the University Teacher Training Institute (IUFE) I am teaching several science education classes to secondary teachers.

My book Making Sense of Genes has now been published. Here is a book trailer for this book, prepared by Cambridge University Press. My previous book Understanding Evolution (Cambridge University Press, 2014) was selected as a 2015 Choice Outstanding Academic Title. Not surprisingly, these books reflect my main research interests, which are the teaching and the public understanding of genetics and evolution.

Another area of research interests concerns the teaching of biology and the teaching of the nature of science in the context of history and philosophy of science. I have co-edited, with Ron Numbers, the book Newton's Apple and Other Myths about Science (Harvard University Press, 2015) in which expert historians debunk popular myths from the history of science. I have also edited the book The Philosophy of Biology: a Companion for Educators, in which philosophers of biology draw implications from their work for biology education.

My latest book is Turning Points: How Critical Events Have Driven Human Evolution, Life, and Development (Prometheus Books, 2018). In this book I explore the role of critical events in shaping outcomes in human development, life and evolution, and also address conceptions about plan and purpose in nature. I am also currently completing a book, co-edited with Michael Reiss, titled Teaching Biology in Schools that will be published by Routledge in 2018. I will also be co-editing with Kevin McCain a book on the epistemology of science, which will also be published by Routledge. Kevin and I are also currently writing a book titled Uncertainty: How it Makes Science Advance for Oxford University Press.

Until the end of 2019, I will be serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Science & Education (Springer), the official journal of IHPST, and the Editor of the Springer book series "Science: Philosophy, History and Education”.

For an overview of my publications, see my Google Scholar profile.

I have served as Book Review Editor of the research journal Science & Education (Springer), Adjunct Instructor at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education of Illinois Institute of Technology and coordinator for science education for grades K-6 as well as member of the Department of Educational Research and Development of Geitonas School, in Greece, where I also taught biology and nature of science to secondary school and IB DP students.